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The screenshots below demonstrate the Look & Feel and the main features of the product. You can click on any screenshot to see its larger image.
Software Inventory View
This view displays aggregated software inventory information for the PC(s) selected in the Network area. You can use it to find and select applications that should be uninstalled from remote PCs.
Tasks and Schedule View
This view displays a list of created install/uninstall/audit tasks. The tasks execution schedule is shown on the visual calendar. At the bottom, you can see execution results for the selected task.
Configuring Remote Installation
You can configure the application to install one or multiple EXE setups, MSI packages and MSP patches remotely. You can specify different packages for x86/x64 platforms if required.
Configuring Remote Uninstallation
You can remotely uninstall applications deployed as MSI packages or EXE setups. Using the collected software inventory information, you can select installations to be uninstalled from remote PCs.
Specifying Target PCs
In this dialog, you can specify the PCs where the operation should be executed. You can select network PCs as well as create dynamic queries that define PCs from a particular OU, for example.
Customizing Installation/Uninstallation
You can customize remote install/uninstall operations by specifying custom actions that should be executed before or after the main operation. Also, you can apply MST transforms to the installation.
Tracking Software Changes
When you run a remote software scan operation, the collected inventory information is stored as an inventory snapshot. You can compare two snapshots to get a list of software changes.
Scheduling Remote Tasks
Any remote task (install, uninstall, software scan) can be executed immediately or scheduled for automatic execution. You can schedule a task for one-time or recurrent execution.
Product Facts

Did you know that Remote Installer allows you to silently install/uninstall MSI-based applications across your entire pool of remote computers with just a few clicks?

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