EMCO Remote Installer - Remote Software Installation Tool

Remote Installation Software for a Centralized Applications Deployment

EMCO Remote Installer is a network deployment tool used for a centralized software installation to remote PCs. It allows you installing and uninstalling MSI packages silently and remotely on selected PCs through the local network. The application also audits software installed on network computers. It extracts information about a list of installations from every PC to store it in the database and generate software inventory reports and track software changes.
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 Latest version: 6.0.8
EMCO Remote Installer is available both in commercial and freeware editions. Check the feature list to see the differences. The commercial edition can be evaluated for free. The freeware edition is free for personal and commercial usage.

EMCO Remote Installer is a deployment solution used to install applications, software patches and OS updates remotely across the local network. You can get benefit from following advantages by using it for a software deployment.

  • Remote software installation. You can perform all installation and uninstallation actions remotely from a central location.
  • No manual client deployment. In order to install software remotely you don't need to deploy client modules manually on remote PCs.
  • Remote deployment in domain or workgroup. The application works both in a workgroup and domain network environment. You only need to have an administrative access to remote PCs in order to deploy software remotely.
  • Software audit reports. You can get detailed inventory reports with a list of applications installed on every PC and get reports about software changes.

EMCO Remote Installer Features

How to remotely install software using the application? You just need to follow few easy steps. Let EMCO Remote Installer to scan a network automatically to detect network PCs or add them manually by specifying IP range, for example. Then select PCs where you need to deploy application and specify MSI package to be installed. Once these steps are completed the application installs the MSI package in a silent mode on selected remote PCs. Using EMCO Remote Installer you can get benefit from this and other features listed below.

Remote Software Installation

  • Silent remote installation of MSI packages on one or multiple PCs across the local network.
  • Remote uninstallation of deployed MSI packages from a selected PC in a silent mode.
  • Software installation on PCs located in domains, workgroups, different subnets and on PCs that have different administrative credentials.

Installed Software Audit

  • Remote scanning to collect information about installed applications from every network PC.
  • Generating printable software inventory reports for selected PCs or entire network.
  • Tracking software configuration changes for every PC by comparing the actual list of installed application with previously saved.

Awards and Recognition

Year after year, EMCO Remote Installer has been receiving various awards from editors and readers of leading IT resources. These awards are the acknowledgement of our advanced product design and commitment to quality that we stick to.

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